ANEMIA is a disease. This disease is caused by either a decrease in production of red blood cells or haemoglobin, or an increase in loss of red blood cells. Cover all news gives information about ANEMIA. Generally this disease decreases the production of red blood cells or haemoglobin. For any one there is a normal percentage of haemoglobin in their body. But that percentage is vary from men to women.


  • In men normal percentage is 13-18 per 100ml blood.
  • In women normal percentage is 12-15 per 100ml blood.

If anyone has the less than normal percentage they may be affected by ANEMIA. This is also caused by IRON deficiency. Normally this is found in Women especially in pregnant women & growing children. This is also found in adults or older persons as they don’t take care about healthy food and their medical condition. It can be detected by a blood test that is COMPLETE BLOOD CELL COUNT (CBC). More than one third people in the world are affected by this disease. By birth also it may be come. There are so many types of ANEMIA. Like iron deficiency ANEMIA, vitamin deficiency, bone narrow and steam cell problems. In all those iron deficiency ANEMIA effected to more members. This will develop when your body is unable to carry oxygen to your body.


There are more causes are there and we divided into three groups.

  • This may be caused by blood loss.
  • This may be caused by decreased red blood cell production.
  • This may be caused by destruction of red blood cells.

It can be caused by blood loss. Red blood cells can be lost through over bleeding like gastrointestinal conditions, Menstruation and the time of child birth or abortions in women. This is Caused by not working of red blood cells properly or few red blood cells production.


Then these following conditions will occurred.

  • Sickle cell
  • Iron-deficiency
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Bone marrow and stem cell problems
  • Other health conditions


  • Headaches
  • Breathlessness (short breath)
  • Pallid complexion (appear pale)
  • Lack of interest to do anything
  • Short of breath
  • Sore throat, mouth, tongue and gums
  • Brittle nails
  • Tinnitus
  • Cannot know the taste of food items & drinks. Difficulty in swallowing
  • Weight-loss

In some cases there are no symptoms are also we observe.


By taking some precautions we can avoid this disease. But some types of ANEMIA we can’t avoid like SICKLE CELL ANEMIA. This type of ANEMIA is a genetic related. This due to blood loss in unexpected situations like accidents first we will stop the bleeding as early as possible.

  • By take healthy food.
  • Food contains iron, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
  • Take BLOOD TESTS on early stages.
  • Before starting a diet plan you should concern a doctor.
  • Every day take spinach, peanuts, eggs, milk etc.
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