Health means the physical & mental condition of anyone. It is very important to everyone. It is one of the primary needs to live in the world. Without good health we can’t survive. Good Health is the real property of our life. If anyone doesn’t have good health he will spend his time & money to the doctors and hospitals. As per World Health Organization (WHO) physical, mental, and social well being ad not merely the absence of disease. In health there are two factors first is physical condition and second one is mental condition.

Health Tips

First we should know about physical condition. Physical condition means not physical appearance what is the position of our body. All of you know in our body combining with so many parts (organs). Body parts are divided into two parts inner parts, outside parts. Inner body parts are skull, nerves, heart, liver, kidneys, blood cells, bones etc. Outside body parts are head, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, hands, legs etc. In those parts every part has its special importance, some are most important. All these parts should be in perfect condition then we can said like they have good physical condition, but we can’t say they have good health as they might have any mental problems.

Mental condition is different from the physical condition. There are so many factors to affect the mental condition of the person. Those factors are Family problems, Surroundings, Background, Relations, Life Style, Economic & Social Conditions, Physical Conditions, Mental Stress, over thinking etc. If we want good condition in our body we will be take care to free from sickness or illness and diseases. To protect our health we should follow some rules & regulations in our daily life like morning walk, body cleaning, take nutrition food, good habits. If we follow these precautions & aware about the factors then we will free from the so many diseases problems.

Health Tips

Factors Effecting Physical Health Condition

  • Diseases
  • Injuries
  • Bad habits
  • Pollution
  • Environment
  • Accidents
  • Eating dis orders
  • Mental condition

Factors Effecting Mental Health Condition

  • Family back ground
  • Family problems
  • Surroundings
  • Life style
  • Economic position
  • Social conditions
  • Mental stress
  • Physical condition

When these two conditions are in right way then only we will said that man has good HEALTH. If we follow some rules then there is a chance to create healthy world i.e.

  • HEALTH awareness programs
  • Avoid bad habits
  • Diet control
  • Nutrition food
  • Exercises
  • Regulate body process
  • Create healthy environment
  • Take care to avoid accidents
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
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