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By checking our website name you can get some idea what is the matter inside. In our website you will get about all news from Education, Entertainment, Health, Careers, Films, Sports, and Politics and many more. In old days no one have no idea what is going on in the whole world. There are few sources are there to know about any matter or news. It was very difficult to learn to know or to do anything. But in now a days it is very easy to find anything in the world using internet knowledge. Anyone can see all the world news using internet, means anyone can see the whole world from their home or any place by using the internet knowledge. For everyone have their own reasons live in this nature. In their daily activities or routine life they are searching some s are important things like Education (Knowledge), Money, Health, Entertainment and Many more. There are many topics are interlinked or combined together in their life.

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In this modern world Education (Knowledge) is very important to everyone to achieve their goals and prove the society to something great. Without proper knowledge no one can do anything. Actually all the whole world people learning some knowledge every second and every minute and every day. All of you know why this Education (Knowledge)? Because all we need to get some decent income from home by doing some job or business. Here one more need plays a vital role in our life that is Health. If you have more money but you don’t have good health how can you enjoy with that money? So health is also an important need. Ok we have money & good health what is our next plan, of course that is surely Entertainment right guys? Means like games, sports, films, shopping, luxury life and many more. So finally what I’m saying is If we have good Education (Knowledge) and also good Health then we can get the Money by doing the job or business. Finally we will live happily with Entertainment.

In our website cover all news we will cover all these topics and some examples are mentioned below.


In this section we give all the information about the schools, colleges & University admissions. Today we have so many entrance exams for admissions that information also here. Cover all news cover all entrance exam preparation methods and techniques. All of you know how to prepare exams, but very less people will succeed on their exams. Because so many people don’t know the preparation techniques. General knowledge & current affairs are very important in our life. Mainly we cover about the science & technology countries, states, cities information. You can get the information about scholarships also. Everyone can gain some knowledge by checking our website cover all news. Some examples of Education (Knowledge) covered topics in our cover all news website are


  • Best schools, colleges, & Universities
  • Admissions
  • Entrance exams
  • Exams preparation Techniques
  • Syllabus & Subjects
  • Scholarships information
  • Current affairs
  • Countries, States, Cities
  • Science & Technology
  • General knowledge and Many more



There are so many opportunities to get money in our surroundings. By job or business anyone can earn money, that jobs interview preparation and business getting started proper techniques are also available in our cover all news website. We cover Exams related matter, interview preparation techniques, placements, home based works, online works and many more topics we will cover in our cover all news website. Business news like share market, real estate, small or big investment businesses etc. Some examples of Money covered topics in our cover all news website are

  • Jobs related topics
  • Business related topics



Health plays a crucial role in every one’s life. In this health section we cover about health care, food care, awareness of diseases, how to overcome from diseases. In this competitive world every one faces the problem of mental stress. Yoga & Meditation are the two best ways for metal & physical strength. There are so many multispecialty hospitals in the world. They may be public or privatized. For every part of human body there are more specialist doctors for everything. Some examples of health covered topics in our cover all news website are

  • Health care
  • Food care
  • Awareness of diseases
  • Best hospitals
  • Best doctors
  • Yoga & Meditation and many more

Most of the persons give special importance to the entertainment. In this technological world there are so many channels for the entertainment. Games or sports, Films, Television, Video games, computers, cell phones, Music, Shopping, tourism etc. In our cover all news website you can get the information about all sports news( cricket, football, chess, hockey, badminton), film news (about directors, hero’s, heroines, music directors, audio releases, reviews, new releases, gossips, upcoming movies, TV. shows, events, music), women & youth special (fashion, cooking specials, beauty care, new styles, shopping’s, home care & gardening), last one spirituality (Religions, Gods, historical places, Holly books). Some examples of Entertainment covered topics in our cover all news website are


  • Sports & games news
  • Film news
  • T.V. Shows
  • T.V. Serials
  • Celebrities
  • Beautiful places
  • Tourism places
  • Youth & women care
  • Shopping’s
  • Spirituality and many more

In our website cover all news the main thing is anyone can get any news that means something for everyone. If you see inside of cover all news website you can get some knowledge about all topics. Cover all news is a like a big bazaar or shopping malls for different topics. If you want to buy anything it will be in these big bazaars like clothes, jewelers, fashion items, household articles, furniture, electrical items, food items, glass wares & Entertainment is also here like games, movies. In old days if you want to buy different items you should search different ways in different shops to get your favorite things. But in now a days there is no need to go different places and all together should be in one place. Like this only cover all news website will works for every topic i.e. in COVER ALL NEWS every one can get all news it may be related to Education, Jobs, General knowledge, Current affairs, Business news, Share market, Real estates, Notifications, IT news, new products, Sports, Games, Movies, Celebrities, Reality shows, Countries, State news, Places, Health care, Diseases, Hospitals, Beauty care, New fashion trends & models, Devotional news and many more news. One more important thing is someone go to big bazaar to buy some item they will buy some more products other than what they want really because if we see all things together we will buy more things like that if u see out COVER ALL NEWS website for any particular topic definitely you will get some more knowledge than what actually you want. We think in your mind will raise this question i.e. we have all these news in different news channels, why we will see to your COVER ALL NEWS website? Yes I have an answer for this question, ok you have all the news in different news resources but what is our specialty is, we brought all news papers and news media channels under one place (cover all news website) that is our COVER ALL NEWS. If anyone have any doubts & clarifications you can contact us regarding this COVER ALL NEWS and also if anyone need on any different topic news please contact us with the related details, we will update in our website ASAP. Thank you for visiting our website.

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